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Your online presence is essential to your career and business interests. Before you are considered for a position or contracted for a client, you have already been “googled” and prejudged. What message is your headshot sending?

Take control of your digital identity with a new headshot by Blue Senoj.

First impressions are lasting and no matter how stellar your resume, website, or social media presence may be, an unimpressive picture can bring down your value.

Let’s update your old and tired head shot with a new personal branding photo that conveys confidence, professionalism, and authority!

Head Shot Prep (adapted from Session Prep by Studenborg Photography)


Before your headshot session, please take the time to review a couple of incredibly helpful videos by Peter Hurley, arguably the premier celebrity head shot photographer in the world. Blue wants to make sure you have the most awesome portrait, and these videos will help you be prepared. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each step and remind you of how it all works, but these videos will give you a head start.

Important Coaching and Practice:
Watch these two, 15-minute (or at least 6 or 7 minutes) Peter Hurley YouTube videos and practice in the mirror at least 2 days before the shoot.
1) It’s all about the Jawline: Jawline
2) It’s all about the Squinch: Squinch


For women:

Hair & Make-up:
I want you to look like you, just a polished-up version.
Use neutral natural tones and avoid shiny or glitter eyeshadows.
Be sure and put foundation on your neck and décolleté, then blend well!
Bring your makeup and hair products in case we need to do a touch-up during the shoot.


What to avoid with Make-up
Do not use matte finish lip color, it will make your lips appear flat-we want color, shine and shape on the lips.
Eyeliner that appears to be drawn on like it was done with a Sharpie marker.
Eyebrows (even if drawn on) to appear a natural as possible.


Awkward Hair Issues:
Some of us have peach fuzz, nose hair or even a couple rogue chin whiskers that appear out of nowhere! The major stores have a battery-operated trimmer for around $15 in the razor section. It is well worth it, and your makeup will have a more polished look.


Your top (and jacket) is your most important accessory make sure it fits well!

1. Bring 2 – 3 new (or almost new) ironed solid color tops on hangers.

2. Choose colors and tops with collars that are flattering and fit you well, especially around your neck and shoulders. A jacket is a nice way to change up the look.

3. Jewelry: Minimal, if any. It can be distracting and date the photo over time.


Follow the above steps. It will insure that we are able to best capture your professionalism and confidence with an extraordinary headshot!


For Men:

Hair: Style your hair as usual (if applicable). Neatly groom all hair, including clean shaven or beard, nose, eyebrows and ears, my camera picks up every detail.

Make-up: None. I do not recommend makeup for men


Wardrobe: Your shirt (and jacket) is your most important accessory, make sure it fits well and is not too big or too small! There should be no gaps between your neck and your shirt collar. The seams of the shirt and jacket should place squarely on your shoulder and not hang over. Try your choices on before the shoot.


1. Bring 2 – 3 new or almost new solid-color, pressed shirts on hangers. Make sure each shirt fits you well around your neck and shoulders.

2. If you wear an undershirt that will show with an open collar, be sure it is new. It must have a pristine collar.

3. A suitcoat or a sportscoat is a nice way to have an optional look. However, make sure it fits you well in the shoulders and neck. (I’m sure you have guessed by now how important this is.)

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